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Frequently Asked Questions

Who goes on missions?

Medical Missions Foundation’s primary commitment is to conduct surgical missions. Therefore, the bulk of our volunteers are medical personnel volunteering their time.

I’m non-medical, how can I help?

There are plenty of ways to help Medical Missions Foundation if you’re not in the medical field. There is some limited space on each mission for non-medical volunteers to help with clinic intake and art team. These positions are assigned based on need by the mission coordinators. If you’re not ready to go on a mission, you can volunteer in our office headquarters or for one of our local events. You can also donate to help fund our missions.

How much does it cost to go on a mission?

The cost to participate in a mission varies with the destination. Currently, the range is $1,600-$2,500 (tax deductible) for an 8-10 day mission trip. Team members pay incidental expenses and often use personal vacation time in order to participate. The fees you pay are used to pay for air travel and expenses associated with your stay such as accommodations, ground transportation, and to insure your stay in the host country goes as smoothly as possible. Travel grants may be available for individuals with specific training and/or certification.

Where are you going this year?

Click here to view our current mission schedule. We generally go on 4-6 missions every year. Once a mission is approved, it is posted on our website.

What happens after I submit my volunteer application?

Contact our office headquarters and let them know you’re interested in an upcoming mission. Your volunteer application form will be passed on to the mission coordinators who will assign duties and roles for volunteers. If space is available on an upcoming mission a staff member or mission coordinator will contact you.

What immunizations are required for mission travel?

Immunization requirements are different from country to country. Once approved to go on a mission, the mission coordinator will provide you with the requirements specific to that country. You can also plan on discussing necessary immunizations with your primary care physician.

How do I apply to volunteer for a mission?

Complete the volunteer interest form on our website.