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  Our Rounding Up Undies will bring dignity and hope to young girls in Africa.



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Lack of access to menstrual products affects millions of girls in the developing world. Affordable hygienic menstrual products, if they are even easily available, can cost as much as two days wages so women are forced to use improvised materials, such as rags, scraps of old clothing, pieces of foam mattress, toilet paper, leaves, and banana fibers to manage their menstruation – all of which are unhygienic, ineffective, and uncomfortable and can lead to leaks and infections. As many as 10% of school aged girls miss school because of it. The effect of these missed days is devastating, with girls missing up to 20% of their education, increasing the likelihood of dropping out, earlier marriage and pregnancy as well as limiting career options.




There is a solution but we need your help. We can provide school girls with washable menstrual pads (AFRIpads) and underwear along with other hygiene products that will last up to three years. Providing reusable products means the burden of purchasing products each month is removed and girls will no longer suffer indignities, infection, violence, and exploitation. The case for girl’s education is well documented as one of the most important tools for development. Without a proper education there is an increased likelihood of teen pregnancy, health complications and early marriage further limiting their future career and economic opportunities. It is a trigger that starts the cycle of poverty.

Medical Missions Foundation has made it a priority to improve the quality of life for these young women and to help keep them in school despite the physical and emotional effects of menstruation. Team Rounding Up Undies will put together hygiene kits with underwear, AFRIpads, washcloths, soap, a whistle and for those appropriate, condoms. These hygiene kits, along with an instructional brochure will be distributed to women and girls during education sessions focusing on women’s health in our clinic and other locations around Gulu during the course of the September Uganda mission.

The cycle of poverty is broken when girls stay in school; your help today can change a life and help create a brighter future. Join the team!


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