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 Education is a key component of every mission trip.

As we work to ensure sustainable, quality healthcare systems for the world’s people, our strategy is to build capacity and skills at all levels of the communities we partner with. Working in close cooperation with community thought-leaders, medical professionals and local governments, we provide a wide variety of health and professional education.

Our educational efforts range from professional conferences on wound care to teaching children one-on-one about brushing their teeth. We have visited hundreds of schools to teach children about hand washing and fire safety. We work with local municipalities to demonstrate water-testing kits and clean water best practices. Our art component is an educational opportunity too.

In all cases, we work side by side with local physicians, health care promoters and nurses to teach, learn and share.

In all the countries we visit, we build lasting relationships that result in stronger local communities. Our volunteer Abigail Hayo funded, shipped and installed a complete public playground in Mali. In Romania, volunteer Dallas Rowan gathered baseball equipment and outfitted an entire little league team with uniforms, balls, bats and team medals. We make an on-going commitment to the people and the communities we serve.


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