Medical Missions Foundation sends teams of volunteer doctors, nurses, and support staff to underserved communities across the globe.


We’re all in this together

Medical Missions Foundation is a nonprofit providing surgical and medical care in underserved communities throughout the world. Since 1996, we’ve completed 91 missions to 14 countries, directly affecting nearly 70,000 children and their families through life-saving surgeries and clinics. Because of our belief that the spirit is a powerful tool in helping the body to heal, we have also made art therapy a priority throughout each mission.

The access to quality care in the developing countries we visit is far inferior to what even the most underprivileged children can access in the United States. Due to lack of education, financial resources, and adequate medical services, these children suffer, often needlessly.

By uniquely harnessing two great passions – medicine and art – our vision of making a difference in the lives of the world’s forgotten children and families now shines in brilliant color in the smallest corners of the globe. And with the help of hundreds of donors and volunteers we’re working to touch even more. Join us.


More of what we do

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