Surgery Suite

How do we do it?

Here’s one example:
Our first mission of 2014 was to San Lucas Toliman in Guatemala. During our 7 days in-country,  35 Team Medical Missions Foundation members performed 100 surgeries, saw 716 patients in clinic, distributed Spanish language literature and booklets to 15 additional villages and mentored local medical professionals.

Medical Missions Foundation raised and spent $24,000 in cash and coordinated volunteer service donations of $277,858.  Add to that $335,000 in donated medications and equipment, and Voila! Each dollar given grew to equal $26.53 in direct aid.

Here’s where you come in.

The 2014 San Lucas Toliman mission is just one example of the work we do, and how we do it.  We need to continuously raise the seed money that underlies each mission.  In the San Lucas example, to serve the people of that community, we needed to raise $33 per patient.  For some missions it’s more, for some it’s less…but it’s always something and we need your help.

By becoming a member of the Medical Missions Foundation, you are making a commitment to a more just world, a world where impoverished children and adults share our vision of a better future. Membership with Medical Missions Foundation is only $33.00 per year. For less than the price of a cup of coffee per month, you become an integral part of our lifesaving team.

Beyond the crucial monetary value of your membership, you are helping us build a connected community that helps amplify the voices so often unheard.

Sustaining Members make a monthly commitment to Medical Missions Foundation, exponentially increasing their influence on the world. Sustaining Membership is only $33.00 per month.

Members and Sustaining Members will receive special reports on topics of interest, invitations to special members-only events throughout the year, and a small hand-made gift. Even your gift has purpose, supporting local artisans and entrepreneurs in the countries where we work.

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