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Delivering Smiles

The goal of Medical Missions Foundation is to provide surgical and medical care to underserved communities. It's always the primary focus of our missions - the smiles are a bonus. Based on this collection of photos, we deliver more smiles than Amazon on December 24th. Whether we are poking playful fun at each other, celebrating a birthday, connecting with a kiddo, relaxing after hours with an adult beverage, shaking our groove thangs at a dance party in the burn unit, sticking our tongues out (apparently that's a Team favorite) at each other or just being plain goofy, we definitely know how to have fun and that radiates to the patients. Hope...

Finding Comfort

com·fort – noun: state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint Sometimes life is rich with irony. Such is the case with a sweet little girl named Comfort. While she is well known to many of our veteran Uganda volunteers, I knew nothing of Comfort until last Wednesday evening when the Team took a field trip to the Burn Village in Gulu. The Burn Village is a place of respite for those being seen in the burn unit at Lacor Hospital as well as their families. It’s a Ronald McDonald House of sorts. The Village was brainchild of Medical Missions volunteers, nurse, Carla Northington, and occupational therapist, Amy ...

KC Proud in Africa!

We may be a long way from home, but we showing our Kansas City pride all week long. We want everyone we come in to contact with to know where we are from and how much we love our hometown! And as you can see, that pride is catching on with our new friends and colleagues!

Picture Perfect

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”— Destin Sparks, Photographer I have never been anyplace in my life where I felt as if every moment was a Kodak moment as Gulu. I've taken over a thousand photos and will take more before I lay my head down on my own pillow Monday night. Pictures really do tell the story when words fail and hearts are full. So please enjoy this gallery of some of my favorites thus far this week.

You Gotta Have Faith

The Sisters of St. Mary Immaculate of Gulu have a retirement community on the grounds of Lacor Hospital. Each year when the team from Medical Missions arrives, they make sure to carve out time to visit the convent and provide check-ups for the nuns who are such a vital party of the community. This week, our clinic team comprised of Don Hodson, Mandy Sims, Kay Johnson and Tammy Minshall made a visit to the good sisters. There are presently 11 nuns who reside this simple, peaceful home just doors from the bustling halls of the hospital. Considering the life expectancy of women in this country is only 59 years, it is truly a gift from ...

Stayin Alive

One thing you learn on a mission is to never take anything for granted. Despite a really stellar nursing school - currently there are a total 500 men and women enrolled in the two-year program. While their training is extensive Medical Missions discovered they do not receive CPR training. Statistics show that 90 percent of people who suffer cardiac arrest die before reaching a hospital. Many Ugandans would have to travel hours to reach a hospital, if they even have access to transport, as there are only 155 hospitals in the entire country for a population of 42.86 million. Starting effective CPR within two minutes can ...

The Happiest People on Earth

Forget Disney World. The happiest place on Earth is Uganda! Two things are undisputed about Uganda - it has one of the youngest populations in the world and the happiest people in all of Africa and, I would argue, in the world! The population of Uganda is estimated at approximately 43 million with nearly 10 million of those living in poverty. A whopping 77% of Ugandans are under 30 years of age – that translates to 7,310,386 youth from the ages of 15–24 years of age. This is to a combination of factors including high mortality rates associated with a number of deadly communicable ...

Team Uganda 2019

We posed for this Team Uganda picture prior to departure at KCI. It is missing a few very important faces, so look for a complete, official photo later this week!

The Road to Gulu

Saturday ended up blurring into Sunday as the Team arrived at the Entebbe airport shortly before midnight. High hopes of getting to our hotel in Kampala for a full six hours of sleep were quickly dashed when some key medical supplies were flagged at customs. Paperwork, and lots of it, is a component of any mission - imagine trying to enter another country with suitcases filled with medications. It's not so easy even when you do everything the "right" way as we discovered last night. But as our fearless leader and optimist, Mark Shields, reminded us, "Whatever happens, it will be okay." It's our mantra on this mission and pretty much, any mission ...

Twelve Hours and We Are Half Way There!

We have made it to Amsterdam! Those of us who weren't still trying a few catch a few Z's, saw a gorgeous approach as beams from the sunrise cut through a large rain curtain. Once inside everything was bright and sunny as we took full advantage of our two hour layover to sit in teacups and sample some sweet treats. Mark is doing an excellent job keeping all 40 of us together and reminding us that "Whatever happens it will be fine." Unless of course you don't take your malaria meds! Just ask Carla Northington. Stay tuned for more news from the road....umm skies. Peace!