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India 2017 – And It Ends…Or Does It Have To?

As quickly as this mission began it is now over. We are all home and slowly processing the events of our week in India. In the last few days I have spent more hours on a train that I want to admit; countless hours traveling home and several jet lagged coma induced hours since I have been home thinking about how I can wrap up our mission to India in a few paragraphs. I want so badly to honor the work that our team did that I want to carefully choose the right words. Please, if I miss don’t let it diminish the accomplishments of the other 25 members of our mission team.   We live in a society where we measure everything in numbers. We track ...

India 2017 – He Cried

I don’t want to brag but I have to be the member of this mission team with the best of all responsibilities. Each day I take photos of anything about our trip including the surrounding area and I get to write about anything I want. I have full access to talk with each member of our team every day about cases, how they are feeling and what they have seen. I have the chance to hear each person’s part of a medical case but there is a good chance I am the ONLY person that has heard the whole story about a particular patient. As the pieces of one of the cases started to unfold I realized I had to try and share it with all of you.   I can ...

India 2017 – “What Is Your Day Like?”

You have just 1 week. That is it. You just can’t waste one second while you are on a mission. If you feel a little under the weather you take an IV and keep working. If you have a kidney stone you get up at 5am, have a medical procedure and get back in the game. (Yep that really happened today.) There is so little time and so much care to give the volunteers need to make each minute count and they do.   I am often asked when I return from a mission – what is your day like? I thought I would share with you what a typical day is like here in India.   The day begins at 6am with yoga. When traveling on a mission trip we want ...

India 2017 – The Look

It’s Monday! I will be honest with you if I was back in the states I might grumble a little about the start to another long work week. Email, voicemail, text messages, smoke signals it seems we are using any method of communication we can to do the work we do when we are not on a mission.  When you are on a mission a Monday means there is excitement that now is the time patients get the care they have waited so long to receive. Months of planning, miles of travel, hundreds of communications back and forth with our host country and Monday is the day when the real work begins. A good Monday morning on a mission trip makes all of the difference – ...

India 2017 – And it begins!

We have made it to India and it has begun. Air travel to Newark, flight to Delhi, a couple of hours of rest, a quick flight to Bhopal and then a short bus ride to the Sewa Eye Hospital and after 28 hours of travel time it’s time to do what we came to do. That is the way it is on a mission. It sounds simple enough and for this group of volunteers it seems to be second nature to travel half way around the world and have the energy to get a mission up and going quickly.   Day 1 of any mission is filled with feelings of exhaustion, excitement, joy, anticipation and hope. We just traveled a lot of hours by many modes of transportation, ...

Uganda 2016 – Photo Gallery – 5th Edition

Uganda 2016 – Photo Gallery – 4th Edition

Our volunteers are having an amazing mission in Uganda, check out this new gallery.  

Uganda 2016 – Photo Gallery – 3rd Edition

More great photos to see how our mission in Uganda is going.

Uganda 2016 – Just Look Around You

Any one that knows me knows I love to talk so I will tell you it has been a challenge not to ask Mark sooner if I could jump on the blog and offer an entry. I appreciate him sharing the space and I hope to use this as he would to tell you more about our team in Uganda.   This is my sixth overall mission and my fifth trip to Uganda. It’s pretty easy at this point to make the decision to go on this mission, but it seems after just a couple of days it has become almost too automatic to make the decision to come. I remember my very first trip when I asked a million questions. Some about the trip but mostly I wanted to understand why we were ...

Uganda 2016 – Photo Gallery – 2nd Edition

The work continues on our mission in Uganda. More photos from the field of our work and  our dedicated volunteers.