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Innovative Alternatives in Antigua

With every mission trip comes the unexpected challenges. Despite all the planning that comes with moving thirty nine medically trained team members, many who specialize in their own field, seventeen thousand miles away from home with all the equipment, supplies, and comforting donations to provide for six days of intense surgical interventions, something is bound to go unnoticed. This year the challenge presented itself late in the planning phase. Obras Sociales notified surgical team leader Dr. Scott Montgomery at Kansas City Urology Care, P.A., that they were unable to obtain the irrigation solution that in required to perform the surgery that the ...

Arriving in Antigua 2019

Antigua 2019 arrived safely without a single lost or delayed luggage piece. It was election day and several of the interpreters did not show up. Josh Jones, one of the few non-medical individuals, was our hero as his language skills and quick internet searches allowed him to serve as a medical interpreter. Returning physician Dr. Richard Wemer ENT and Dr. Todd Anderson ENT his first mission trip with Medical Missions both from Minnesota. Photo of Audiology team prior to entry into Obras: Lindsey, Katey, Dana, Jessica, Karly, Paxton